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We’ve Listened!

With the new year ahead, we have taken the time to review our customer feedback and are excited to implement changes to better assist you, our customer! We are making changes to our digital apps and improving the way we do our machine inspections to make it easier for you operate more efficiently.

IRental Mobile App Improvements

IR Mobile is an efficiency tool that we are using to improve inventory results. By using barcodes on our machines and work tools, our service personnel can quickly scan the machine, which is more efficient and provides better inventory accuracy.

Improvements in overall speed of shipping and receiving are also a benefit of IR Mobile. Units will ship and be received in real time. Ultimately, this provides better return to ready data and improved speed on your returns with the ability to call of rental contracts right from the IR Mobile app!

Data. Connectivity. Operational controls. Bundled together, these tools drive operational efficiencies, increase our fleet utilization and ultimately will improve our ability to better serve you during your rental experience with us!

Improved Machine Inspections

With the addition of the IR Mobile app and upgrades to the Inspct app, we are ensuring that all equipment is being inspected more thoroughly than ever before. These improvements have also made it faster and easier for us to know which equipment has been serviced and ready to go, allowing us to get the right equipment to you as quickly as possible!

Cat Rental App Updates

With the launching of the Cat Rental App last year, we were able to receive a lot of valuable  feedback on how to improve on it and make it more user friendly!

With the most recent app update, you will be able to see what equipment you have on rent, view which jobsite the equipment is located, request a new rental, end a rental and request a servicing of your rental all in one location.

The app has been updated with a new interface that is much more efficient and easy to maneuver. The updated app is available on Google Play and on the iTunes App Store on February 18th.

Here at the Ohio Cat Rental Store we value you and work to make your rental experience as smooth as possible. Should you ever want to provide us with your feedback, please email or visit this link for our contact us section of our website. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals throughout 2019!

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