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No one likes to get stuck after a rain storm with the need for emergency dewatering. At The Cat Rental Store, we’ve got your back. We offer a variety of trash pumps, sewer plugs, prime assist pumps and submersible pumps. Our dedicated Pumps and Trench Shoring team can get you running quickly — we know the stress of an emergency.

What’s the advantage of a rental from Ohio Cat?

We have a new fleet. You won’t be renting older models, we are constantly upgrading our equipment to provide our customers with the very best.

Our service technicians are on call 24/7. Don’t be stuck in the dirt waiting for your job to progress, we will make sure you’re kept running.

The quality you expect. With the power of Gorman Rupp, our Pumps will ensure your job is done efficiently and safely. No matter the job.

Prime Assist Diesel Trash Pumps4" - 12" Pumps
Prime Assist Silent Diesel Pumps4" - 12" Pumps
Electric Prime Assist Pumps4" - 12" Pumps
Self Priming Diesel Pumps4" - 6" Pumps
Hydraulic Submersible Pumps3" - 8" Pumps
Electric Submersible Pumps2" - 8" Pumps
Utility Gas Driven Pumps2" - 6" Pumps
Hose & Fittings2" - 12" Pumps
HDPE Fusion Services and Rental2" - 24" Pumps
Sewer Plug Rental and SalesMulti-Sized

Not sure which system would work best for your job? Our Ohio Cat team will assist you with your rental – from beginning to end. Our pumps specialists offer custom solutions, allowing you to tackle any job.

Interested in buying? We are an authorized dealer for Gorman-Rupp, Hydra-Tech, and Stancor. Simply mention purchasing in the form below.

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