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Trash Pump Rentals, Hoses, and Accessories

Trash Pump Rentals

Our Prime Assist Centrifugal trash pump rental services get the job done right.  Our experts provide advice and reliable equipment for bypass pump projects and seasonal dewatering pump rental needs.  Ohio Cat Rental Store’s custom Trash Pump solutions pull from all our equipment product lines as needed. We make it easy to get the job done right.
bypass trash pump rentalsbypass trash pump rentals bypass trash pump rentals

When you need to move a lot of water, our lineup of 4 to 12 inch trash pump rentals is more than capable of getting the job done. From dewatering construction sites to bypass work or handling drainage issues, the Cat Rental Store at Ohio CAT has the trash pump rentals, suction/discharge hoses and accessories available to rent when you need to move water where you want it. And many of our trash pumps are trailer mounted for maximum pumping portability and emergency response.

We are proud to rent the Gorman Rupp line of priming assisted centrifugal trash pumps. With solids handling capabilities and ease of operation, these dewatering pumps are perfect for construction sites, agricultural applications and anywhere else water needs to be removed or diverted.

Call us today to discuss the right pump solution for your job.
Our trash pump, bypass, and dewatering project specialist, Joe Wagner can discuss your water removal needs and determine the right pump, hoses and equipment needed. Complete the form below to get started on a free consultation and project quote.

Daily, weekly, and monthly trash pump rentals are available at Ohio CAT’s Cat Rental Store.

Gorman-Rupp Prime Assisted Trash Pump Rentals

4 inch Centrifugal Trash Pump Rentals6 inch Centrifugal Trash Pump Rentals10 inch Centrifugal Trash Pump Rentals12 inch Centrifugal Trash Pump Rentals
950 GPM Max Flow2160 GPM Max Flow3920 GPM Max Flow6200 GPM Max Flow
Prime Assist 4 inch trash pump rentals6 inch prime assist trash pump rentals10 inch trash pump rentals12 inch priming assited trash pump rentals

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