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Ohio Trench Safety Grant (TSG)


Trench Safety Grant (TSG) Program Available in Ohio

The Ohio BWC is offering $2 million in trenching safety grants. The program is available only to Ohio employers who perform trenching and excavating to purchase shoring and shielding equipment.

BWC uses the Trench Safety Grant (TSG) Program to partner with Ohio employers to substantially reduce or eliminate injuries associated with trenching operations. This grant is only available for a short time, and applications must be received by Dec. 1, 2020. The TSG does not fund equipment purchases for technical rescue operations. The program is available to eligible Ohio employers who wish to purchase the following qualified/allowed items:

• Shoring: aluminum, hydraulic, or other types of supports to prevent soil movement and cave-ins.
• Shielding: trench boxes or other types of supports to protect against soil cave-ins.

As part of the Safety Grant programming, the TSG Program is available only to Ohio employers that perform trench and excavating. Review the complete program policy at

Eligible employers may receive up to $12,000 for the duration of the TSG Program. To be eligible, you must meet the following criteria at the time of application: 

1. The employer must be a company that performs work in trenches. The employer must provide information on the application clearly describing their trench work. This grant will not fund equipment purchased for technical rescue operations.
2. Be a state-fund private or public employer taxing district.
3. Have active Ohio workers’ compensation coverage and maintain continuous active coverage while participating in the program.
4. Not have more than 40 days of cumulative lapses in workers’ compensation coverage within the prior 12 months.
5. Be current with respect to all payments due BWC as defined in Ohio Administrative Code 4123-17-14.
6. Have been in existence for at least two years.
7. Have reported payroll for at least one full policy year.
8. Timely report actual payroll for the preceding policy year and pay any premium due upon reconciliation of estimated premium and actual premium. We’ll deem an employer to have met this requirement if we receive the payroll true-up report and any associated premium before the expiration of any grace period. See the Payroll true-up page for additional information.

Unless otherwise specified here, all application requirements, eligibility, participation criteria, reporting and procedures stated for the Safety Intervention Grants Program apply to applicants and participants of the TSG Program. To learn more about trench safety go to:

Click here for additional details, application and needed documentation:

Keep the Job Site Safe

Avoid risking injury or penalties on your work site!

According to OSHA regulations, dirt trenches that are at least 5 feet deep require a protective system. The Cat Rental Store offers GME trench shields and bedding boxes that provide an easy solution with optimal safety. The lightweight design is easily used by smaller machines and crews to meet the demands of wide variety of job sites.

Have any questions on maintaining safety standards? Our Trench Safety Specialist, Scott Pontious can assist with finding the right solution for your needs!

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