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Did you know The Cat® Rental Store carries cranes?

Did you know The Cat® Rental Store carries cranes? Offering a compact design, these durable and versatile cranes are designed to work in tight spaces. Their low height allows them to clear overhead obstructions, while their telescoping booms and self-loading carry decks make them perfectly suited for industrial and maintenance applications.

With an 8-ton capacity, the Broderson IC80 is ideally suited for constrained work environments and has a 7’3″ height and 6’6” width. This crane has a pick and carry capacity of 11,700 lbs. and a maximum horizontal reach of 40’.

The Broderson IC200, with a 15-ton capacity, offers precision controls to pick and carry heavy loads. Pick and carry capacity of up to 17,000 lbs., coupled with a low height of under 8 ft, makes this crane a staple for lifting applications at oil refineries, petro-chemical plants, pulp/paper mills, auto manufacturing, and power plants.

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