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Introducing the Trimble Earthworks Box Blade

Available now at The Cat Rental Store! Easily obtain your automated grading blade in a convenient rental package. Achieve high levels of accuracy spreading and leveling material to ensure less material is lost or wasted on the job!

  • Operate your box blade manually using GPS or laser grading systems
  • Achieve high levels of grading accuracy while increasing productivity and reducing operating costs
  • Design projects such as athletic fields, concrete prep, grading in buildings, parking lots, and back-filling more efficiently than ever before.
  • Communicates through a cell phone and if very easy to set up and use!

Productivity Study:
To prove the performance of the AccuGrade Box Blade solution, the BB124 with a 299D2 machine completed a productivity study against traditional means of grading and leveling.

An independent contractor was hired to grade a 3 in fill for a concrete pour. The contractor had 20 years of machine operation experience and used a 259B3 CTL with general purpose bucket. In addition to the operator were two laborers who used string to mark 3 in, checked grade with a rod every 3 ft, and raked the corners. The team was able to complete the grade job of 40 x 60 ft or 2400 square feet in 1 hour and 42 minutes. In that time the job was complete to with .75 inaccuracy.

The surface was measured with a machine target using a Universal Total Station and the same conditions were repeated with the AccuGrade Box Blade utilizing Dual Slope laser technology. In 36 minutes the same job was completed and due to the ability to operate in forward and reverse, an additional 130 square feet was leveled. In addition to the time improvement, there was no need for a rod man or corner raking.

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