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Experience The Ohio Cat Rental Store at Your Fingertips


Manage your rentals like never before with the Cat Rental Store App. Make your rental experience convenient, accessible and stress free by being able to manage your equipment and jobsites all within your mobile device or tablet.

With the Cat Rental Store App you will be able to:

Manage Your Equipment Requests & Rentals

  •  View full product catalogs & view available inventory
  • Monitor your current rental equipment by jobsite
  • See pricing information for daily, weekly, monthly rates on available assets
  • See detailed information on your active & past rentals
  • Review & accept quotes in real time
  • Download reports

Quickly & Easily Adjust Orders

  • Change locations, add job sites, & update equipment requests on your time
  • Call off equipment, transfer job sites, request service & extend rentals as needed
  • Schedule pick up times or cancel rentals to fit your availability

Receive Custom Notifications

  • Receive immediate notifications when the status of your requests & rentals change
  • Customize your preferences with email, text, & push notifications

Download the app today and begin experiencing the ease of managing your rentals on your terms!

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