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Trench Shoring

Trench shoring equipment is a practical and necessary safety solution in below-ground work. Ohio Cat Rental Store has a wide selection of trench shoring equipment for rent in Ohio — browse our offerings or contact us to learn more.

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Trench Shoring Equipment for Rent

Trenches at a construction site or in other applications are usually several feet deep and can be many miles long. Though working in the trench may be necessary to create a manhole or install below-ground pipes, it can present a danger to worker safety without the proper precautions.

Trench shoring equipment braces the walls to minimize the chance of collapse, while trench shielding equipment protects the workers from falling debris if a failure occurs.

Our Equipment Options

Ohio Cat Rental Store has many equipment options for trenching, including:

  • Aluminum trench shields: Trench shields protect the workers inside the trench if there is a collapse. Our trench shields are made from sturdy aluminum and are available in many sizes.
  • Bedding boxes: Bedding boxes hold large quantities of bedding material for easy access, lowering waste and costs while increasing productivity.
  • Manhole shields: Manhole shields protect workers while installing or repairing a manhole.
  • Spreader sets: A spreader set is used on a shield to raise the clearance, which is crucial for installing box culvert and large diameter pipes. Ours are available in many sizes.
  • Steel stacker units: A steel stacker is a piece of trench shoring equipment that spreads across the width of the trench to brace the walls. They can be stacked to support the entire trench length.
  • Steel trench shields: Trench shields protect workers inside the trench from the debris of a collapse. This selection is made out of durable steel material and is available in many sizes.

Why Work With Ohio Cat Rental Store?

Ohio Cat Rental Store has the high-quality equipment you need at the best price to get the job done. As a third-generation family-owned business, we value every customer and do all that we can to ensure your satisfaction. As your complete rental equipment solution, we will help at every step. Our friendly team is knowledgeable about trench shoring equipment and will assist in finding the best solution for your needs.

When you get your Ohio shoring equipment rental from us, you can also take advantage of our maintenance services. If you have any issue with your rental, we provide prompt, professional service. Our technicians are available 24/7 to perform repairs, so you can get back to work sooner and keep your job site moving.

No matter where you are in Ohio or Northern Kentucky, Ohio Cat Rental Store is prepared to serve your rental needs with 11 convenient locations throughout the region.

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