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Material Lifts

Material lift equipment is necessary for many industries that require the lifting and transporting of heavy or bulky items. If you need a material lift for a one-time project or to replace a machine that’s in for repair, consider a rental to temporarily expand your fleet. Get your Ohio material lift rental from Ohio Cat Rental Store. Browse through our options and contact us for more information.

Genie Duct Lift

  • Maximum Lift Height
    5.92 ft
  • Load Capacity
    500.0 lb
  • Weight
    113.0 lb
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  • DAY
  • $80
  • $215
  • $495
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Genie Superlift Contractor SLC-24

  • Weight Capacity
  • Height Forks Up
  • Height Forks Down
    22ft 3in
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  • DAY
  • $95
  • $260
  • $600
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Material Lift Equipment

A material lift is a combination of a hand truck and forklift and is used to move items, especially those on pallets. At the front of the machine are two forks that slide under the pallet. Once the load is on the forks, the operator can steer the cart using the wheels on its bottom. During transportation, the load will stay secure.

The main advantage of the material lift is its maneuverability. With its compact design, you can maneuver the lift into tight areas where a forklift wouldn’t fit. Let the material lift do all the heavy lifting as you unload pallets from trucks, organize inventory and more.

Our Equipment Options

Leading manufacturer Genie provides our two models of material lifts. They will both lift and transport your materials with ease.

The Genie Duct Lift GL-4 will lift and transport loads as heavy as 500 pounds. It works well in manufacturing applications, like shipping and receiving, automotive, computer and server, and HVAC. This unit will serve as a dolly, hand truck or forklift to fit a variety of needs.

The Genie Superlift Contractor SLC-24 is designed for more heavy-duty work in industrial applications. It uses a locking system and captive stabilizer to support loads of up to 650 pounds. The rear wheel transport offers additional maneuverability during use.

Why Work With Ohio Cat Rental Store?

When you rent from us, you’ll benefit from a high-quality piece of equipment made by an industry-leading manufacturer. Ohio Cat Rental Store has only the best equipment for rent, and every unit is meticulously maintained. If you ever have an issue with your material lift during your rental period, just let us know — our technicians are available 24/7 for repairs, which means that you can get back to work as soon as possible.
We are a family-owned company that proudly offers material lifts for rent in Ohio and Northern Kentucky through one of our 11 locations. No matter where you are, we have a shop nearby that is ready to serve you!

Rent Your Material Lift in Ohio From Ohio Cat Rental Store

Visit Ohio Cat Rental Store to find a rental material lift that works for you and your business. Look through our material lift options, add what you need to your cart and request a quote. If you have any questions about our material lift rentals, we are happy to help! Please fill out our contact form on our website or call us at your closest store location.

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