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Air Compressors

Compressed Air is often referred to as the “fourth utility,” joining electricity, natural gas, and water as an essential service in most industrial and commercial facilities. Compressed air is used for thermostatic controls, valve and damper actuation, purging, charging, processing, material transfer, Instrumentation, tools, and many other specialized applications. Construction, mining, exploration, and drilling operations also rely on compressed air to power processes and applications.

For most of these businesses, compressed air systems are integral to critical processes and must run continuously. As a result, planned shutdowns, emergencies, facility expansions, and new construction provide opportunities for rental compressed air systems. With the addition of a full line of portable rotary screw compressors and ancillary equipment to their rental power fleets, Cat dealerships are uniquely positioned to win this business.

Industrial Compressor Features:

  • Flexibility-capacity/pressure
  • Variable speed drive
  • Premium efficiency TEFC motor
  • Backup full voltage starter
  • Draggable oil field-type skid
  • Heavy-duty quiet enclosure
  • Rugged construction
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