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C7 ACERT™ Water-Cooled Manifold Engine

Cat C7 ACERT engines are the ideal solution for your demanding operations in the oilfield. Decades of field operation and intense research and development allow Cat C7 ACERT engines to deliver excellent performance with low operating costs and emissions. Applications powered by C7 ACERT engines include pump skids, acidizing units, cementing units, coil tubing units, and hydraulic power units. Cat engines are backed by the worldwide network of Cat dealers ready to support your operation with technical support, service, parts, and warranty. C7 ACERT engines, with ratings: 205 bkW (275 bhp) @ 2200 rpm meet IMO Tier II, U.S. EPA Marine Tier 3, EPA Non-road Tier 3 equivalent and EU Stage IIIA equivalent emission standards. They are available using U.S. EPA and EU Flexibility, and for other regulated and non-regulated areas.

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  • Length 43.8 in.
  • Width 33.5 in.
  • Height 43.8 in.
  • Weight 1570.0 lb

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  • Length
    43.8 in.
  • Width
    33.5 in.
  • Height
    43.8 in.
  • Weight
    1570.0 lb
  • Length
    43.8 in
  • Width
    33.5 in
  • Height
    43.8 in
  • Weight
    1570 lb

Capacity for Liquids

  • Lube Oil System (refill)
    4.8 gal
  • Lube Oil System - Refill
    4.8 gal (US)

General Specifications

  • Minimum Rating
    205 BHP
  • Maximum Rating
    275 BHP
  • Governor and Protection
    Electronic (ADEM™ A4)
  • RPM
    2200 r/min
  • Aspiration
  • Displacement
    442 in³
  • Flywheel and Flywheel Housing
    SAE 1, 2, or 3
  • Flywheel Teeth
    156 (SAE 1), 134 (SAE 2), 126 (SAE 3)
  • Rotation from Flywheel End
  • Stroke
    5 in
  • Bore
    4.3 in


  • Emissions
    EPA & CARB Non-Road Tier 3, EU Stage IIIA, EPA Marine Tier 2, IMO Tier II


- Electrical harness containing point-to-point wiring without splices in any power/signal wires - Electrical harnesses and connectors are overmolded and are routed through urethane tube for protection against impact and vertical flame propagation. - To meet safety requirements, connectors require the use of a special tool to be disconnected and bear the “do not disconnect while energized” warning. - Optional ATEX and NEC certified 25-foot customer harness - ECU is certified as part of the engine to restricted breathing per EN 60079-15. ECU is protected with a stainless steel guard. - Fuel injector connections at valve cover bases are protected with stainless steel guards

Advanced Digital Engine Management

ADEM A4 engine management system integrates speed control, air/fuel ratio control and ignition/detonation controls into a complete engine management system. control system with integrated digital ignition, engine protection and monitoring

Air System

- Separate circuit (water-to-air) aftercooler options available to match any application requirement. - Water-cooled exhaust manifold and turbo maintain ATEXcompliant skin temperature during operation

Improved Serviceability

- Front, right, and rear dipsticks - Remote oil and fuel filters - 12V and 24V electronic systems to improve application flexibility

Custom Packaging

Trust a Cat factory custom package to meet your exact petroleum application needs. Cat engines, generators, enclosures, controls, radiators, transmissions — anything your project requires — can be custom designed and matched to create a one-of-a kind solution. Custom packages are globally supported and are covered by a one-year warranty after startup.

Full Range of Attachments

Large variety of factory-installed engine attachments reduces packaging time


Every engine is full-load tested to ensure proper engine performance.

Product Support Offered Through Global Cat Dealer Network

More than 2,200 dealer outlets -Cat factory-trained dealer technicians service every aspect of your petroleum engine -Cat parts and labor warranty Preventive maintenance agreements available for repair-beforefailure options -S•O•SSM program matches your oil and coolant samples against Caterpillar set standards

Over 80 Years of Engine Manufacturing Experience

Ownership of these manufacturing processes enables Caterpillar to produce high quality, dependable products.

Over 80 Years of Engine Manufacturing Experience

Ownership of these manufacturing processes enables Caterpillar to produce high quality, dependable products.

Web Site

For all your petroleum power requirements, visit

Web Site

For all your petroleum power requirements, visit

Standard Equipment:

  • Air Inlet System
    • Turbocharger, separate circuit (SCAC)
    • Single, right-side, center-mounted turbo with water-cooled turbine housing
    • Air inlet, RH side, rear facing, 101.6 mm (4 in.) connection type
  • Control System
    • Electronic governing, PTO speed control
    • Programmable ratings
    • Cold mode start strategy
    • Automatic altitude compensation
    • Fuel cooled ECU
    • Power compensation for fuel temperature
    • Programmable low and high idle
    • Electronic diagnostics and fault logging
    • Programmable monitoring system (engine speed, temperature, pressure)
    • J1939 broadcast (diagnostic and engine status)
    • Certified electrical control system
    • Derated engine: automatic ambient temperature compensation
  • Cooling System
    • Thermostats and housing, front-facing outlet — 51 mm (2.01 in) connection
    • Jacket water pump — belt-driven, centrifugal
    • Water pump — inlet RH front vertical inlet (pointing down) — 63 mm (2.48 in)
  • Exhaust System
    • Single, right-side, center-mounted turbo with water-cooled turbine housing
    • Exhaust manifold — water-cooled
    • Front turbo exhaust
  • Flywheels And Flywheel Housing
    • Mandatory selection of: SAE No. 1, SAE No. 2, or SAE No. 3 flywheel and housing SAE standard rotation
  • Fuel System
    • HEUI fuel system
    • Fuel filter — secondary, LH front (2-micron high performance)
    • Fuel transfer pump — left front
    • Fuel priming pump — left front
  • Lube System
    • Crankcase breather — top rear
    • Crankcase fumes disposal — RH
    • Oil cooler — RH
    • Oil filter — RH
    • Oil pan — front sump, 31 L (33 qt) oil change capacity
    • Oil filler — front top valve cover
    • Oil level gauge — LH rear
    • Engine oil pump — gear-driven
    • Oil valve sampling, RH
  • Power Take-offs
    • Crankshaft drive pulley — 2 grooves, 190 mm (7.5 in) diameter, 22.3 mm (0.88 in) wide
  • General
    • Vibration damper
    • Lifting eyes
    • Literature
    • No paint
  • Mandatory Options
    • Flywheel housing and flywheel
    • Primary filter/water separator
    • Turbo orientation

Optional Equipment:

  • Air Inlet System
    • Precleaner
    • Air Inlet elbow
  • Cooling System
    • Water outlet elbow
    • Coolant conditioner
  • Emissions Certifications
    • IMO certification
  • Flywheels And Flywheel Housing
    • Crankshaft seal
  • Instrumentation
    • Gauges and instrument panels
  • Lube System
    • Oil pans
    • Drain and cover
    • Remote oil filters
    • Lubricating oils
  • Mounting System
    • Structural steel base
    • Engine support -- front and rear
  • Power Take-offs
    • Crankshaft pulleys
  • General
    • Tool set
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