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Electrical Panels

Ohio Cat’s 60 – 1200 amp panels provide outlets for a wide range of applications such as plant maintenance or shutdowns.

60 Amp15 kVa E-Carts120/240/60/16 - 120 Volt Plugs
100 AmpCube120/208/60/3Cam-lock Input with 5 QBS Receptacles
200 AmpCube120/208/60/3Cam-lock Input with 10 QBS Receptacles
200 AmpPanel120/208/60/3Cam-lock Input with 10 QBS Receptacles &
Hardwire Capability
400 AmpCube120/208/60/3Cam-lock Input with (4) 100 Amp Outputs
400 AmpPanel120/208/60/3Cam-lock Input with 12 QBS Receptacles, 200 Amp
Cam-Lock Output & Hardware Capability
1200 AmpI-Line Panel120/208/60/3 277/480/60/3Various Outputs


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