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  • Rating (1) 1400 ekW (1750 kVA) Continuous
  • Rating (2) 1600 ekW (2000 kVA) Prime
  • Frequency 50 Hz
  • Voltage 240 - 480 V

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  • Rating (1)
    1400 ekW (1750 kVA) Continuous
  • Rating (2)
    1600 ekW (2000 kVA) Prime

Generator Set

  • Frequency
    50 Hz
  • Voltage
    240 - 480 V


  • Height - With Chassis
    168 in
  • Height - Without Chassis
    114 in
  • Length - Without Chassis / With Chassis
    480 in
  • Weight - With Chassis, Lube Oil and Coolant
    74000 lb
  • Weight - Without Chassis, With Lube Oil and Coolant
    64000 lb
  • Width - Without Chassis / With Chassis
    97.5 in


  • Emissions
  • Fuel System
  • Governor Type
    Cat ADEM A4 Control System
  • Governor Type
    Cat ADEM A4 Control System

Single Source Supplier

  • Generator set manufactured in ISO 9001:2000 compliant facility
  • Package factory designed and production tested
  • Generator set and components meet or exceed the following specifications: AS1359, AS2789, BS4999, DIN6271, DIN6280, EGSA101P, JEM1359, IEC 34/1, ISO3046/1, ISO8528, NEMA MG1-22

Worldwide Product Support

  • Cat® dealers provide extensive post sale support including maintenance and repair agreements
  • Supported 100% by your Cat dealer with warranty on parts and labor

Reliable, Fuel Eficient Diesel Engine

  • The compact, four-stroke-cycle Cat 3516B turbocharged-aftercooled diesel engine combines durability while providing dependability and economy
  • Stainless steel engine aftercooler core to extend component, oil, and overall engine life when using gaseous fuels with elevated H2S levels
  • Fuel system operates on a variety of gaseous fuels
  • Integral gas train, gas filter, and isolation valve
  • Includes methane detection system and related safeties

Cat Generator

Cat SR4B 826 frame generator designed to match the performance and output characteristics of the Cat diesel engine
Double bearing, wye-connected, static regulated, brushless, permanent magnet excited

Reduced Environmental Impact

  • 110% spill containment of onboard engine fluids
  • Positive crankcase fumes ventilation

Sound Attenuated Container

  • Provides 9-high stack CSC rated enclosure for ease of transportation and protection
  • Meets 75 dB(A) at 15 meters or below per SAE J1074 measurement procedure at prime rating

Dynamic Gas Blending (DGB) System

  • Requires gas inlet pressure range of 5-35 psi (34-241 kPa)
  • Achieves up to 70% substitution, depending on gas quality, while maintaining diesel performance and safe engine operation
  • Closed loop control system enables maximum substitution over the widest load range in the industry
  • Maintains traditional diesel generator set power and transient response performance
  • DGB system, when enabled, can automatically activate when gas supply is detected
  • Accepts a wide range of gas quality and automatically adjusts to fuel quality changes, eliminating the need for field calibration
  • Leverages current hardware from G3516 product line while minimizing changes to core diesel engine
  • Fully integrated diesel and gas controls into single engine control unit with single point operation for generator set and DGB system

Cat Cooling System

  • Horizontally mounted radiator with vertical discharge with high efficiency fan
  • Provides 43C (110F) ambient capability
  • Variable frequency drive fan controls improve partial load fuel consumption

On-Package Paralleling Control System

  • Provides auto paralleling using package mounted controls
  • EMCP 4.3 offers engine and generator monitoring and protection, including DGB enable and substitution level set points
  • AGC-4 provides paralleling, load sharing, VFD control, and primary generator protection

Digital Voltage Regulator (Cat DVR)

  • 3 phase sensing and adjustable V/Hz regulation
  • Provides precise control, excellent block loading, and constant voltage in the normal operating range

Standard Equipment:

  • Engine
    • Cat 3516B heavy duty flex fuel engine
    • Heavy duty, single element canister type air cleaner with service indicator
    • Fuel filters – primary and duplex secondary with integral water separator and change-over valve
    • Spin on, full flow oil filters with water cooled oil cooler. Requires API CF-4 lube oil
    • Stainless Steel Aftercooler core
    • Jacket water heater, 9kW, 400V, 50 Hz, 3-phase w/isolation valves
    • Fuel cooler and priming pump
    • Electronic ADEM A4 controls
    • Integrated Sensor Module (ISM) for combustion sensing and exhaust gas sensing
    • Dual 24V electric starting motors
  • Generator
    • Double bearing SR-4B brushless, form wound, permanent magnet excited, three-phase with Cat digital voltage regulator (Cat DVR), space heater, 6-lead design, Class H insulation operating at Class F temperature for extended life, winding temperature detectors and anti-condensation space heaters (120/240V 1.2 kW).
    • Generator equipped with System 4 insulation protection.
  • Containerized Module
    • 40' ISO high cube container, 9-High stack CSC certified
    • Four (4) sound attenuated air intake louvers and 3 lockable personnel doors with panic release
    • Interior walls and ceilings insulated with 100 mm of acoustic paneling
    • Floor of container insulated with acoustic glass and covered with galvanized steel
    • Side bus bar access door, external access load connection bus bars
    • Shore power connection via distribution block connections for jacket water heater, battery charger, space heaters, and generator condensate heaters
    • Six (6) DC lights
    • 1,250 gal fuel tank, UL listed, double wall, >13 hr runtime @ Continuous rating
    • Solenoid diesel fuel fill control valve
    • Lube oil level regulator with makeup tank
    • Sound attenuated 75 dB(A) @ 15 m (50 ft)
    • Four (4) oversized maintenance-free batteries, battery rack and 20-Amp battery charger
    • Critical grade exhaust silencer with dual 2 m (6.5 ft.) exhaust stacks for increased site power density
    • Vibration isolators, stainless steel fastening hardware and hinges
    • External drain access to standard fluids
    • One 4.5 kg (10lb) carbon dioxide fire extinguisher
    • Standard Cat rental decals and painted standard Cat power module white
    • 110% spill containment system for on-board engine fluids
    • Methane Leak Detection
  • Gaseous Fuel System
    • Low pressure regulator
    • Electronically actuated fuel control valve
    • Gaseous fuel heater
    • Electronically controlled gas shut-off valve
    • Gas induction nozzles
    • 1 micron gas fuel filter with dP sensors and isolation ball valve with 1” BSP drain plug for fluid build-up
    • CSA certified gas electronic components
  • Cooling
    • Standard cooling provides 43C (110F) ambient capability at 100% Prime
    • Horizontally mounted radiator with vertical air discharge
    • Variable frequency fan drive (VFD) for optimal partial load fuel consumption
  • Generator Controls And Protection
    • Controls provide auto paralleling AGC-4 controller, voltage and frequency adjust, base load / PF / load sharing / synchronizer, auto start / stop control & generator CB control, SCADA Interface (Ethernet), fuel level indications & alarms, fuel tank fuel transfer control
    • EMCP 4.3 genset mounted controller
    • Automatic start/stop with cool down timer
    • Generator Protection features: 25, 32, 40, 50/51, 27/59, 81 O/U
    • Reverse compatibility for interface to legacy power modules
    • 3000A UL rated generator circuit breaker with LSIG trip unit w/ammeter
    • Multi-mode operation (island, multi-island and utility parallel), load sharing (multi-unit only)
    • Manual and automatic paralleling capability
    • Metering display: voltage, current, frequency, power factor, kW, WHM, kVAR, and synchroscope
  • Quality
    • Factory testing of standard generator set and complete power module
    • UL, NEMA, ISO and IEEE standards
    • O&M manuals
  • Emcp 4.3 Local Control Panel
    • Generator mounted EMCP 4.3 provides power metering, protective relaying and engine and generator control and monitoring.
    • Convenient service access for Cat service tools (not included).
    • Integration with the Cat DVR provides enhanced system monitoring.
    • Ability to view and reset diagnostics of all controls networked on J1939 datalink eliminates need for separate service tools for troubleshooting.
    • Real-time clock allows for date and time-stamping of diagnostics and events.
    • Customer communication through Modbus TCP
    • True RMS AC metering, 3 phase: L-L volts, L-N volts, Phase, Amps, Hz, ekW, kVA, kVAR, kWHr, % kW, PF
  • Emcp 4.3 Engine Operator Interface
    • Graphical display with positive image, transflective LCD, adjustable white backlight/contrast.
    • Digital indication for
      • RPM
      • DC Volts
      • Operating hours
      • Oil pressure
      • Coolant Temperature
      • Oil Temperature
      • Gas Pressure
      • Gas Substitution %
      • Gas Shutoff Valve status
      • DGB Activation
    • Two LED status indicators (1 red, 1 amber)
    • Engine cool-down timer
    • Engine cycle crank
    • Three engine control keys and status indicators (Run/Auto/Stop).
    • Lamp test and Alarm acknowledgement keys
    • Warnings/shutdowns with indicating text for:
      • Low oil pressure
      • Overspeed
      • High Oil Temperature
      • Overcrank
      • Emergency stop
      • AGC-4
    • Emergency stop pushbutton
    • Display navigation keys including two shortcut keys for Engine Parameters or Generator Parameters
  • Container
    • 40' ISO high cube container, CSC 9-High Stack Certified
    • Painted standard Cat Power Module White per Caterpillar Specifications
    • Standard air intake louvers
    • Three (3) lockable personnel doors with panic release
    • Fire extinguisher
    • 110% spill containment system for on-board engine fluids
  • Agc-4/emcp 4.3 Protective Relaying
    • Generator protective features
      • 25 sync-check ( AGC-4)
      • 32 rev. power (EMCP 4.3 and AGC-4)
      • 40 loss of excitation (Cat DVR and AGC-4 impedance based)
      • 50/51 Inst. and time overcurrent (GCB trip unit and AGC-4)
      • 47 Negative Voltage Sequence (AGC-4)
      • 46 Negative Sequence Current (AGC-4)
      • 27/59 phase under/over voltage (EMCP 4.3 and AGC-4)
      • 81O/U under/over frequency (EMCP 4.3 and AGC-4)
    • Package mounted AGC-4 controls provides auto paralleling, CAN-bus, Ethernet communications, PWM and Analog outputs, and legacy analog load sharing (real and reactive)
    • AGC-4 main display/ AOP secondary display
  • Voltage Regulation And Power Factor Control Circuitry
    • Generator mounted automatic voltage regulator, microprocessor based.
    • Manual raise/lower voltage adjust capability and VAR/power factor control circuitry, all via AGC- 4, for maintaining constant generator power factor while paralleled with utility
    • Includes RFI suppression, exciter limiter and exciter diode monitoring.
  • Current Transformers
    • CT's rated 3000:5 with secondaries wired to shorting terminal strips.
  • Circuit Breaker
    • 3000A fixed type, 3 poles, genset mounted, electrically operated, insulated UL489 CB.
    • Solid state trip unit for overload (time overcurrent) and fault (instantaneous) overcurrent protection. LSIG is standard.
    • Includes DC shunt trip coil activated on any monitored engine or electrical fault, 100 KAinterrupting capacity at 480 VAC.
    • Undervoltage Release 24vdc
    • Optional External Ground fault sensing/trip (requires additional ground CT)
  • Internal Lighting
    • Six (6) internal 24VDC LED lights with timers located at the control area personnel door
    • One (1) duplex service receptacle
  • Battery Charger And Batteries
    • 24 VDC/20A battery charger with float/equalize modes and charging ammeter
    • Four oversized maintenance free batteries
  • Emergency Stop Pushbutton
    • Single emergency stop pushbuttons (ESP) located on rear face of generator set controls area
    • Emergency Stop pushbutton located on the container exterior at each personnel door(3)
  • Exhaust Silencer
    • Critical grade, internally mounted, dual cylindrical exhaust silencers
    • 2 m high vertical discharging exhaust stack located in radiator discharge area
  • Fuel Tank
    • UL Listed 1250 gallon double walled tank
    • Fuel solenoid valve system
    • Triple fuel/water separators
  • Modes Of Operation
    • Provides for single unit stand-alone operation, island mode paralleling and load sharing with other power modules, and single unit-to-utility mode paralleling for base load control (with open transition between paralleling modes)*
    • Island mode paralleling features:
      • AGC-4 control allows single unit to connect to a dead bus
      • Auto synchronization (voltage & phase matching)
      • Load sharing (kW) analog signal (like units & legacy compatible)
      • Load sharing (kVAR) analog signal (like units only)
    • Utility mode paralleling features:
      • Auto synchronization (voltage & phase matching)
      • Base-load control (selectable: programmable set-point or potentiometer adjust)
      • Soft load/unload (programmable, shared setpoint)
      • Power Factor control (programmable setpoint)
  • Bus Bars
    • Three phase, plus full rated neutral, bus bars are tin-plated copper with NEMA standard hole pattern for connection of customer load cables and generator cables.
    • Bus bars are sized for full load capacity of the generator set at 0.8 power factor.
    • Includes ground bus, tin-plated copper, for connection to the generator frame ground and field ground cable.
  • Ac Distribution
    • 3 phase, 400VAC, 50 Hz, 50 amp input which can be derived from either the Power Module main output bus (Internal) or customer supplied shore power (External) via selector switch.
    • Onboard 50 Hz Transformer for the Power Module AC auxiliaries provides 240/120 VAC for all module accessories except Jacket water heater (400V). Includes controls to de-energize jacket water heaters and generator space heater when the engine is running
  • Lube Oil Make-up System
    • Includes oil pan-mounted oil level regulator and 114 L (30 gal) oil tank for maintaining oil pan levels in extended run applications. Oil tank can be remotely filled without shutting down the engine.

Optional Equipment:

  • Trailer
    • Three axle with Anti-lock brake system
    • Goodyear G314 295/75R225 Load Range G
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