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    The Cat Flywheel UPS provides our highest efficiency continuous power solution (>97% efficient). This technology uses a power dense integrated flywheel, which stores sufficient energy to ride through power disturbances such as dips or surges in voltage and/or current. The stored power is immediately available for delivery to a critical load during a power disturbance. This system provides ample ride-through time and allows for an orderly walk-in of the generator set to assume the load for the duration of the disturbance. The integrated flywheel design is modular, supporting easy expansion to meet future power quality/power protection requirements
    The Cat Flywheel UPS delivers lower operating costs due to several factors, including lower maintenance and replacement costs, the space savings associated with a reduced footprint (up to 75% smaller than a battery based UPS system) and a yearly energy efficiency improvement of 4%.
    With the Flywheel UPS, you also benefit from reduced upkeep and maintenance, field-proven mechanical energy storage that is predictable and fail-safe, nearly unlimited life with no fall-off in performance and a broad operating temperature range up to 104° F. And this technology is environmentally friendly, posing no safety hazards to either your personnel or the environment.
    The “G Series” Multi Module System (MMS) provides up to 600 kVA (N+1) of continuous power utilizing 300 kVA modules in an expandable lineup, offering a smaller footprint than many traditional UPS designs.

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  • System Efficiency Up to 98%
  • Rated Power 300 kVA (240 kW) - 600 kVA (480 kW)
  • Energy Storage Flywheel
  • System Efficiency Up to 98%

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Technical Summary

  • System Efficiency
    Up to 98%
  • Rated Power
    300 kVA (240 kW) - 600 kVA (480 kW)
  • Energy Storage
  • System Efficiency
    Up to 98%

Product Features

  • Smallest available footprint
  • 98% total system efficiency
  • Simple cost-effective installation
  • Modular, scalable, and redundant architecture
  • Low service and maintenance
  • Cost-effective lifecycle cost
  • Harmonic cancellation
  • Transient protection
  • High-speed voltage regulation
  • Power factor correction
  • Low input current distortion
  • Top and bottom cable entry
  • 40° C rating on entire system
  • Rapid recharge time
  • Utilizes flywheel energy storage technology
  • Color Touch-screen operator interface
  • Optional generator set start module
  • Optional paralleling capability

Reliable Power Protection for Critical Applications

Cat® UPS systems provide constant power protection against surges, sags, and power interruptions that can disrupt operations or cause loss of valuable data or system capacity. Additionally, the use of the optional generator set start module can dramatically increase generator set starting reliability in a continuous power configuration.

Superior Design

Superior system design and the use of robust digital components throughout the system yield the most reliable and trouble-free UPS system on the market. Protection is delivered in the industry's smallest package with the highest efficiency and superior performance.

Lower Total Cost

The high operating efficiency means yearly savings versus traditional battery UPS products. In addition, lower Cat UPS heat rejection reduces up front HVAC costs and electrical consumption over the life of the product.

Generator Set Integration

By cancelling harmonic distortion, the UPS operates seamlessly with generator sets to provide a higher total electrical load capacity without over sizing the generator set. The UPS effectively insulates the generator set from block loads and transient, and can improve its fault clearing capabilities. Programmable integration with standby generator sets assures greater system reliability and improves the total system operation.

Worldwide Product Support

  • Parts Distribution Centers are located worldwide with available service support through Caterpillar and the Cat Dealer Network.
  • Factory certified service
  • Standard Equipment:

      • Flywheel energy storage
      • IGBT based Bi-directional converter
      • Integral modem - remote communication
      • Local Emergency Power Off (EPO)
      • Remote notification and monitoring via Ethernet and e-mail
      • RS232 or RS485 serial connection
      • UPS view-real time monitoring software
      • 10” color touch-screen operator interface
      • Programmable input and output contacts
      • Redundant cooling fans
      • High Speed Voltage regulation and Power Factor Correction
      • Back feed protection
      • Harmonic cancellation
      • Monitoring and alarms for all critical components with intelligent self-diagnostics
      • Top/bottom cable entry
      • Redundant Control Power
      • Static bypass switch
      • Superior Power Conditioning
      • High Overload Capacity

    Optional Equipment:

      • 24-volt DC, genset start module SNMP/MODBUS communications
      • Remote SNMP/MODBUS monitoring
      • Remote status panel (8 status LED's)
      • 4-wire input and output
      • Remote Emergency Power Off (REPO)
      • Ability to parallel up to 7 sytems
      • Redundant flywheel and UPS
      • External Synchronization input
      • Separate Bypass Input
      • Field Expandable
      • Automated Internal Maintenance Bypass
      • External Maintenance Bypass Control
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