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EMCP 4.4 Master Control Panel

The EMCP 4.4 Master Control Panel is a wall mounted system that monitors and controls up to eight engine generators for operation in parallel with or without a single utility source.

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Product Features

  • System level overview and control for up to 8 generator sets
  • High speed communication to EMCP4.4 generator set controllers
  • Centralized Alarm Logging
  • Accommodates interface to a user Building Management System via ModBus RS-485 or Ethernet
  • Available Utility Paralleling modes
  • Password Security System to ensure system security
  • 15" Color Touchscreen HMI

Standard Equipment:

  • Configuration
    • Wall mounted supervisory control system provides centralized monitoring and control of up to eight generators equipped with EMCP4.4 paralleling control panels
  • Application
    • LV and MV (208V - 15 kV) 50/60Hz
  • Operating Temperature
    • 0-50 C
  • Medium Voltage Standards
    • UL 508A
  • Emergency Transfer Load Manager Standard Equipment
    • Data Table Interface
    • 19" Color Touchscreen

Optional Equipment:

  • Emergency Transfer Load Manager Optional Equipment
    • Utility Monitoring and Circuit Breaker Control I/O provided in XLM version of Master Control Panel provided in XLM version of Master Control Panel
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