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Cat® Microgrid Master Controller-Small (MMC-S)

The Cat® MMC-S is designed for industrial/commercial installations. The MMC will integrate a variety of traditional and renewable energy sources to provide overall monitoring and control of the assets. These assets may be either located at a common installation or dispatched over a wider region.

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  • Module Type Monitoring / control and asset optimization
  • Application Microgrid Control

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Technical Summary

  • Module Type
    Monitoring / control and asset optimization
  • Application
    Microgrid Control

Asset Optimization

  • Configurations to optimize overall performance according to pre-programmed routines that can be adjusted via user-selectable criteria. The optimization routines can be based on several different parameters, such as minimizing fuel cost, optimizing engine operation, charging batteries from PV only or maximizing system reliability. The system may also be configured to provide a minimum level of spinning reserve online to respond to sudden load transients.

Remote Monitoring

  • The option for remote monitoring offers complete system monitoring using Cat® Connect technology to provide real time performance and health of the installation.

Renewable Integration

  • The distributed energy resources, including the photovoltaic (PV) system, energy storage system (ESS) and generator sets are controlled from the MMC-S. The MMC-S will determine the correct energy contribution from each of the distributed energy resources to maximize penetration from renewable energy sources and system reliability.

Applicable Standards and Certifications

UL Listed to the following standards (certification pending):

  • UL508A (pending)
  • CSA C22.2 NO. 14-18 (pending)
  • CULUS mark (pending)

CE Declaration of conformity

  • IEC 60204-1

Standard Equipment:

  • Mmc-s Panel
    • 13" industrial color touch-screen display
    • Cat electronic control module (ECM)
    • Configurable protocol translater
    • Industrial PC for data management
    • Router for customer connection-Ethernet port
    • Digital I/O module for interfacing with ATS and other relays
    • Lightening Arrestor & Surge Protector
    • Fan and heater for temperature regulation with thermal and humidity control
    • Uninterruptible Power Supply with battery management
    • Indoor/Outdoor rated IP54 wall mount control panel
  • Software Modules
    • Individual software modules control each type of asset
    • Up to five (5) software modules may be installed to match the site power system configuration

Optional Equipment:

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