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Ohio CAT’s industrial and commercial desiccant dehumidifier rentals can help you any time moisture becomes an issue in your facility or on your jobsite. Dry air can be important in manufacturing processes, building construction and remodeling. We have the proper dehumidifiers to dry up dilemmas quickly. Ohio CAT can provide your job site with an industrial dehumidifier rental 24/7. We will calculate your requirements, then deliver, install, start up and service your setup. We will engineer your system to deliver the performance you need and to comply with safety and code requirements.

For more information or assistance from a rental representative, call (800) 637-5000.

Dehumidifier 5000 OCDH

  • Model:
  • L x W x H:
    10’ x 5’ x 6’
  • Shippng Weight:
    2,100 lbs.
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