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CTX Series Automatic Transfer Switch

Cat® CTX Series switches are built for residential and light commercial applications requiring the dependability and ease of operation found in a power contactor switch.

Voltage sensing and system control is performed via a state-of-the-art microcontroller located on the cabinet door.

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  • Rating Range 40-400A
  • Transfer Type Open transition
  • Switch Type Contactor Based

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Technical Summary

  • Rating Range
  • Transfer Type
    Open transition
  • Switch Type
    Contactor Based

MX Control Panel

    CTX switches are equipped with the MX-60 control panel as standard.
    This microprocessor control includes:

  • Undervoltage sensing (90% pickup/80% dropout of the utility source
    • Voltage and frequency sensing of the generator source (90% voltage/95% frequency pickup)
    • Time Delay Engine Start – 5 seconds (P)
    • Time Delay Engine Warmup – Transfer to Generator – 20 seconds (W)
    • Time Delay Utility Stabilization/Retransfer to Utility – 5 minutes (T)
    • Time Delay Engine Cool Down – 5 minutes (U)

    All time delays are fixed.

Standard Equipment:

  • The Unit Is Available In Open Type, Nema 1 Or Nema 3r Enclosures. The Mx-60 Control Panel Adds A User Interface And Functionality, Including:
    • Pushbuttons for test, exercise set, timer bypass and program cancel
    • Special status annunciation of in-phase transfer and times operation
    • Diagnostic LED indications in logical one-line configuration
    • Selectable 7, 14, 21 or 28 day (factory set 28 days) generator exerciser timer
    • Indicating LEDs for power availability, switch position and load energized
  • Additional Options Include:
    • A3/A4 Auxiliary contacts (1 each) closed in utility and generator positions
    • Special timer settings

Optional Equipment:

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