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310 Mini Hydraulic Excavator

The Cat® 310 Mini Excavator delivers maximum power and performance in a mini size to help you work in a wide range of applications.

360 View not available for this product.


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  • A sealed and pressurized cab is equipped with an improved air conditioning system, adjustable wrist rests and a suspension seat to help keep you working comfortably all day long.


  • Controls are easy to use and the intuitive Next Generation Monitor provides customizable machine operator preferences and easy to read machine information.


  • Moving around the job site is even easier with the Cat Stick Steer option. Easily switch from traditional travel controls with levers and pedals to joystick controls with a push of a button. The benefit of less effort and improved control is in your hands!


  • Increased lifting, swinging, travel and multi-functioning performance helps you get the job done more efficiently, and dig-to-blade allows for easy clean up.


  • Your safety is our top priority. The Cat Mini Excavator is designed to help keep you safe on the job. A back-up camera, courtesy work lights and a fluorescent retractable seat belt are just a few of the safety features we’ve built into the machine.


  • Maintenance is quick and easy on the Cat Mini Excavator. Routine check points are easy to access at ground level with grouped service points and robust service panels.


  • Equipped with features such as auto idle, auto engine shutdown, and efficient hydraulics with a variable displacement pump, the Cat Mini Excavator was designed with reducing your operating costs in mind.

Standard Equipment:

  • Engine
    • Extended Life Coolant, –37° C (–35° F)
    • Automatic Engine Idle
    • Radial Seal – Double Element Air Filter
    • Cat C3.3B Diesel Engine (U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage V) – Electronic Engine, Turbo, Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)
    • Fuel Water Separator with Indicator
    • Automatic Two Speed Travel
    • Automatic Swing Brake
    • Ecology Drain
    • Automatic Engine Shutdown
  • Hydraulics
    • Smart Tech Electronic Pump
    • Certified Accumulator
    • HYDO Advanced Hydraulic Oil
    • Power On Demand
    • Hydraulic Temperature Monitoring
    • Load Sensing/Flow Sharing Hydraulics
    • Variable Displacement Piston Pump
  • Operator Environment
    • LED Interior Light
    • Fabric, High Back, Suspension Seat
    • Sealed and Pressurized Cab
    • Retractable Seat Belt (75 mm/3 in)
    • Molded Footrests
    • Integrated Lower Front Window
    • Travel Pedals and Hand Levers
    • HVAC with Automatic Temperature Control
    • Assisted Front Window Overhead Storage
    • Operator Sound Pressure 72 dB(A) ISO 6396
    • Travel Cruise Control
    • Cat Key with Passcode Option
    • Stick Steer Mode
    • Radio – Bluetooth®, USB, Auxiliary, Microphone
    • Control Pattern Changer
    • Skylight
    • Removable, Washable Floor Mat
    • Mounting Bosses for Top and Front Guards
    • Adjustable Wrist Rests
    • 12V Power Socket
    • Coat Hook
    • Top Guard – ISO 10262:1998 (Level II)
    • Cup Holder
    • Hydraulic Lockout Controls
    • ROPS – ISO 12117-2:2008
    • Literature Holder
    • Rear Window Emergency Exit
    • Color LCD Monitor
      – Fuel Level and Coolant Temperature Gauges
      – Maintenance and Machine Monitoring
      – Performance and Machine Adjustments
      – Numeric Security Code
      – Multiple Languages
      – Camera Ready
      – Hour Meter with Wake Up Switch
      – Jog Dial Control Interface
    • TOPS – ISO 12117:1997
  • Undercarriage
    • Greased and Lubricated Track
    • Tie Down Eyes on Track Frame
    • Hydraulic Track Adjusters
    • Dozer Blade
    • Dozer Float
    • Bolt-on, Reversible Wear Edge
    • Steel Tracks (450 mm/17.7 in wide)
  • Boom, Stick And Linkages
    • One Piece Boom (4300 mm/169.3 in)
    • Long Stick (2500 mm/98.4 in)
    • Front Shovel Capable (Pin-On/Manual Coupler/Hydraulic Coupler – not available in all regions)
    • Thumb Ready (not available in all regions)
    • Certified Lifting Eye (not available in all regions)
  • Electrical
    • 12 Volt Electrical System
    • 60 Ampere Alternator
    • 900 CCA Maintenance Free Battery
    • Battery Disconnect
    • Ignition Key Stop Switch
    • Signaling/Warning Horn
    • Product Link Elite Lite (regulations apply)
    • Travel Alarm

Optional Equipment:

  • Operator Environment
    • Rain Visor
    • Air Suspension Heated Seat
  • Electrical
    • Rearview Camera
    • Rotating Beacon
  • Other
    • 2nd Auxiliary Hydraulic Lines with Case Drain
    • Wide Steel Tracks (600 mm/23.6 in)
    • Attachments including Buckets, Augers and Hammers
    • Boom and Stick Hose Burst Check Valves
    • Steel Track with Rubber Pads
    • Bucket Linkage with Lift Eye
    • Track Guides
    • Water Jacket Heater
    • Refueling Pump
    • Cab Guarding
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