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Customer Spotlight: Pumps

The Cat Rental Store offers the right equipment for pump and excavation projects.  Our experienced representatives can assist with your project needs, providing Cat excavators, Gorman-Rupp pumps, and GME trench shoring to get the job done.

Local Case Studies

ClePumps City of Cleveland Water Pollution Control had a need to bypass a high pressure lift station in town. The Cat Rental Store provided a temporary pump that provided 800 Gallons Per Minute at 40Psi , pumping flows around the pump station so that needed repairs could be performed.

Cat Rental Store personnel performed a sewer bypass on a construction site in Akron Ohio, diverting 1.5 Million Gallons Per day, so that a subcontractor could install a “Cured in Place” Liner in the existing sewer as a method of trenchless rehabilitation.

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Complete Pump System Rental

We design custom pump solutions including pipe, hose, and fittings to meet your application needs.

Gorman-Rupp hydraulic submersible pumps are designed for trash-handling, dewatering applications. Without using electricity, hydraulic submersible pumps can operate fully submerged in a variety of hazardous locations.  Prime Aire® trash pumps are the perfect solution for sewage bypass operations, construction site dewatering and other applications where intermittent flow can be problem. These units feature our positive priming system that virtually eliminates leaks, reducing environmental concerns and giving the unique capability to operate under flooded suction staging conditions.

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