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Rental Customer Spotlight – Ohio Task Force 1

When tornadoes, flooding, collapses and other disasters hit, heavy equipment and their operators are important resources.

Ohio Task Force 1, based in Dayton, serves our state and nation as one of its top Urban Search and Rescue teams. When a disaster hits, and people need to be rescued, this team is there on the job. OH-TFI’s purpose is to locate, treat, and remove victims from emergency situations if local resources are unable to do so. Currently, OH-TF1 has over 200 team members and support staff.

OH-TF1 performs Heavy Equipment Rescue Specialist (H.E.R.S.) training during the year to practice their craft. Training with heavy equipment helps reduce risks in an already dangerous situation, and helps them become familiar and comfortable with heavy machinery in a safe and controlled environment to help train for real emergencies. This training currently lasts for three intensive days and exposes the task force to different situations and environments.

Recently, they rented a Cat TL1055 Telehandler and a Cat 320E Hydraulic Excavator to assist them with this training session. The video below features a great overview of the Ohio Task Force 1 program and the challenges that these brave men and women work with when deployed.

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