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Product Focus: Broderson Carry Deck Cranes

Broderson Carry Deck CraneCarry Deck Cranes offer Material Handling solutions for Industrial Applications.

Our Broderson line of self-propelled, industrial cranes are tough, compact, pick and carry deck cranes. Their maneuvering and positioning capabilities combined with the small footprint of these cranes in tight spaces makes them versatile for many building and construction applications while making easy to transport. Primary features of our Broderson Carry Deck Cranes include narrow width, short length, low height and cargo deck, making them ideal for in-plant lifting and material handling in limited areas.

Their low height allows them to clear overhead obstructions, while their telescoping booms and self-loading carry decks make them perfectly suited for industrial and maintenance applications. When you have a short term need, the Cat Rental Store is the perfect solution with rentals available by the day, week, or month.

With an 8-ton capacity, the Broderson IC80 is ideally suited for constrained work environments and has a 7’3″ height and 6’6″ width. This crane has a pick and carry capacity of 11,700 lbs. and a maximum horizontal reach of 40′.

The Broderson IC200, with a 15-ton capacity, offers precision controls to pick and carry heavy loads. Pick and carry capacity of up to 17,000 lbs., coupled with a low height of under 8 ft, makes this crane a staple for lifting applications at oil refineries, petro-chemical plants, pulp/paper mills, auto manufacturing, and power plants.

Don’t let tight job site conditions complicate your work.


Since 1973, Broderson has manufactured highly reliable cranes for the industrial and construction industry, earning the trust of customers through unique applications in some of the harshest operating environments in the world. As an industry leader, we partner with Broderson because of their passion towards design and manufacture of the highest quality, reliable cranes in the industry.

For complete machine specifications visit Broderson online.

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