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Lift Rental Solutions – Rent by Day, Week, or Month!

IN STOCK. The Cat Rental Store of Ohio Cat maintains a high quality line of aerial lifts for rent to meet the needs of various construction and commercial projects throughout Ohio. Our rental store locations include major metropolitan areas of Cleveland, Akron – Canton, Cadiz, Youngstown, Toledo, Troy, Zanesville, Cincinnati, and Columbus. We carry an extensive line of boom lift and scissor lift rental equipment from JLG and Genie.

Rent a Boom Lift

Each Cat Rental Store Ohio location carries a large selection of boom lifts for rent. The typical boom lifts have a work platform varying in size from 30″ to 96″ in length.  You can rent articulating boom lifts and straight boom lifts. Additionally, high reach lifts or telehandlers are popular construction site rentals. Telehandlers are a material handler, making it easy to move materials in a versatile variable reach lift on the job site.

scissor lift rental platform lift for rentRent a Scissor Lift

We also offer scissor lifts for rent, designed to lift straight up, making it ideal for narrow spaces.  Many narrow lift rental situations end up with a scissor lift for rent as opposed to the boom lift angle lift design. Scissor lifts, sometimes called platform lift rentals, also offer options you might not find in other aerial lift rentals. You can rent rugged-terrain scissor lifts, which are used exactly as the name implies – over rugged terrain. Scissor lifts also come in very narrow lift sizes, or with large platform sizes.  For example, our 43′ Rough Terrain Scissor Lift rental reaches a platform height of 43 feet, with a platform of 258.5″ by 72.”

We also have one of the largest fleets of electric booms and scissor lifts in Ohio.  Our aerial boom lifts, straight lifts and platform lifts are available at every Cat Rental Store by Ohio Cat.  Review the various types of lift rental options in our online catalog.

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