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Safety Resources

Ohio CAT and Caterpillar are committed to safety, both in our internal organizations as well as supporting customer job site and worker performance safety. We understand the importance of building a culture of safety and providing the training, tools, and processes for workers to safely complete the tasks required every day.

Renting equipment from The Cat Rental Store requires the same attention to safety while operating equipment.  To those who operate the same equipment every day, the safety protocols might be second nature, but to those who use equipment infrequently might be less conditioned or ill-informed on the proper safety procedures.

With that in mind, it is especially important to have the necessary skills and training to operate rental equipment.  With safety training resources you can gain the correct skills to maintain a safe work environment.

Start now, by reviewing this brochure: Safety Tips For Contractors Who Rent

Jobsite safety depends on understanding how to use your rented machine before you put it to work. You may be using a rental while your regular machine is being repaired or for an activity that is not part of your everyday job.

In any case, it is crucial that you know the machine’s operational capacities and safety procedures. Safety videos, toolbox talks and safety checklists are available for download. Additionally, online training provided by Caterpillar Safety Services, can help ensure you get the job done safely and on time – every time. For machine specific information, consult the Operation & Maintenance Manual (OMM) and bookmark SAFETY.CAT.COM™.

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