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Rental Equipment Protection

Rental Equipment Protection (REP) coverage is an extension of Ohio Cat’s coverage. With REP, you are shielded from being held responsible for most causes of damage to equipment you are renting. In the event of a loss, REP will cover the replacement or repair of the damaged equipment.

REP is an All Risk Policy, which means the damage or loss is covered unless specifically stated as excluded.

Some examples of damage or loss covered by REP include:

Accidental DamageCollisionVandalism
Falling ObjectsWindOther Non-Excluded Perils

Exclusions include:

Civil AuthorityMissing Property
unexplained or mysterious disappearance
(ex. shortage of property discovered on taking inventory)
Nuclear HazardWar and Military Action
Contamination or DeteriorationPollutants
Criminal, Fraudulent, Dishonest, or Illegal ActsTemperature/Humidity
Loss of UseVoluntary Parting with Title
Mechanical BreakdownWear and Tear

Coverage BenefitsRental Equipment Protection

Rental Equipment Protection coverage is required for customers who do not have existing rental insurance policies. For customers who already have existing policies, it is a value-added option.
Here’s why:

  • REP is separate from your own equipment coverage. Any claims made will not affect your property and casualty premiums.
  • Claims are hassle free- thanks to the straightforward All Risk Policy.
  • You are not liable to pay diminished value if the equipment is damaged during the rental.
  • REP stays in effect for the duration of the rental.

Per Machine Deductible

The REP deductible is applied per machine rented. In the event of loss or damage* to your rental equipment eligible under the All Risk Policy, you pay the deductible toward repair or replacement costs and the coverage pays the rest, up to $500,000 per incident.

  • $1,000 deductible for machines valued up to $25,000
  • $2,500 deductible for machines valued over $25,000

*Contact your Ohio CAT Rental Coordinator if equipment is damaged while on rent. Failure to report serious damage could invalidate the REP agreement.

How to Sign Up

Tell your Cat Rental Store Rental Coordinator that you are interested in our Rental Equipment Protection coverage. Your coordinator will take care of the rest!

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Rental Equipment Protection is provided by J.T. Bates Insurance Group.

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