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Operator Training


Your rental equipment investment pays even greater dividends when it is put to skillful and safe use. The success of your business depends on the quality of your operators. Good heavy equipment operators move the maximum amount of material in the minimum amount of time. They operate machines safely, and they know how to cut down on unnecessary wear and tear. With our heavy equipment operator and safety training programs, you elevate your operators to higher levels of proficiency and realize the full potential of your spend. Find out how the Caterpillar suite of operator training solutions can ELEVATE YOUR OPERATOR SKILLS and MAXIMIZE YOUR RETURN ON INVESTMENT.

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You bought Cat® machines for their durability, reliability and productivity; get the most out of them with self-learning operator training from the same company. Caterpillar offers convenient and cost-effective operator training through the purchase of e-Learning CDs and Caterpillar University online courses. Whether you’re a beginning operator, technician, equipment owner or just want to learn more about Cat equipment, our e-Learning training will provide basic knowledge on safety, maintenance, pre-operating and operating procedures while you learn at your own pace.

The e-Learning CDs and the online courses from Caterpillar University for operator training include: interactive exercises, knowledge self-checks, exams, resource section with tailgate safety presentations, operator cabs and controls, specalogs and valuable website links.

Caterpillar offers a variety of training options through E-Learning CD’s and Online Training, Instructor-led courses, and Cat Simulator training. To learn more, visit Caterpillar’s Equipment Training Solutions.

Per disk price: $49.95* (Unlimited Learners)

Average time for completion: 1 hour

*Bundle pricing varies, always check website for exact pricing.

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