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TJ Perkins, Cincinnati Cat Rental Store Representative

"My salesman TJ was great and got me what I needed on short notice. " Rick -- October 2019

Casey Wiseman, Troy Cat Rental Store Representative

"I order it, requested specific delivery date and they had it there for me on that date ready to use for the next day. Casey Wiseman, who took over my territory, gave me a stack of cards and I have been handing them out. " Jim -- September 2019

Brittney Hildebrand, Zanesville Cat Rental Store Representative

"I rent from Brittney as much as I can, she does a great job for us. " Anthony -- July 2019

Megan Hauser, Cleveland Cat Rental Store Representative

"The delivery, pick-up and communication with Megan, my rental representative, went very well. " Frank -- July 2019

Andy Keller, Columbus Cat Rental Store Representative

"Andy always does a great job for me. I like working with him and Ohio Cat. " Nathan -- April 2019

Karla McCalla, Columbus Cat Rental Store Sales Rep

"Karla was extremely good. She knew exactly what we needed and was on top of it 100%. She was fully aware of what was going on with the project whenever I called and had feedback. It was extremely easy schedule drop off and pick up. " Ben -- February 2019

TJ Perkins, Cincinnati Cat Rental Store Sales Rep

"Everything was nice and smooth. TJ Perkins is great to work with and he was helpful. " David -- October 2018

Dave Williams, Columbus Cat Rental Store Sales Rep

"I have a good relationship with my salesman Dave Williams who takes care of us. My business is one where we have a lot of emergency situations and Dave accommodates us very well. The only reason I use them so much is that of their reliability and the amount of equipment they have. " Chris -- September 2018

Jason Brown, Canton Cat Rental Store Sales Rep

"The rental representative I work with, Jason Brown, really goes out of his way to help me. In the Summer it is nearly impossible to find a machine to rent, yet if I call him even four days in advance he always makes it happen. Jason calls me all of the time and the machine I recently used had two hundred hours on it, so it was like it was brand new. " Matt -- September 2018

Tony Marino, Youngstown Cat Rental Store Sales Rep

"One of the biggest things I like about Ohio Cat is the service and honesty. When I call Ohio Cat, they are right on the ball, very prompt with their responses and they provide really good service. Ohio Cat is prompt, even if I call on a Saturday afternoon. My sales representative, Tony Marino, is very helpful. " Tim -- September 2018

Mike Kresowaty, Oakwood Cat Rental Store Sales Rep

"I rent from Ohio Cat everyday.Ohio Cat is always on-time and they go above and beyond. They get what I need when I need it and my representative, Mike is awesome. He takes care of everything we need and answers calls, day or night. " Paul -- September 2018

Karla McCalla, Columbus Cat Rental Store Sales Rep

"I’ve used Ohio Cat for a long time and my representative, Carla McCalla, provides excellent service and attention to detail.” Dan also said, “Carla goes above and beyond. It doesn’t matter if I have an emergency or even after hours. Carla does more than I could expect for customer service and I am very pleased with the service from Carla and Ohio Cat. It is the only place I go to, unless they do not have what I need. " Dan -- August 2018

Jason Brown, Canton Cat Rental Store Sales Rep

"I liked the sales representative, Jason Brown. All it took was one phone call and Jason had it all taken care of. He’s a good guy. He made it simple and the equipment was good too. There were no problems. " Greg -- July 2018

Seth Ellis, Troy Cat Rental Store Sales Rep

"Ohio Cat always fits in with my time schedule and my sales representative, Seth Ellis does a good job. " Carl -- June 2018

Allen Albanese, Troy Cat Rental Store Sales Rep

"I like that I have Allen, that I can just call and work with him directly no matter where I am at. It is easy for me not to have to hunt down someone or find something locally because Allen does most of the leg work for me " Mark -- April 2018

Tyler Tresize, Toledo Cat Rental Store Sales Rep

"I’ve worked with Ohio Cat for my seasonal need and they are really good about working with me. Tyler Tresize, in the rental-sales area and he does a really good job as a customer rep because whenever I do have any kind of issues I just have to talk with him and he is very good at getting everything worked out. " Dennis -- April 2018

Nate Nichols, Troy Cat Rental Store Sales Rep

"They give me good service. Nate Nichols is good at getting equipment out to me as soon as need I it. " Von -- March 2018

Andy Keller, Columbus Cat Rental Store Sales Rep

"I enjoy the personal experience with the sales rep, Andy Keller. He always follows through with everything. " Brian -- February 2018