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The Cat Rental Store: Where Our People Make the Difference

At The Cat Rental Store at Ohio CAT, our people make the difference every day.  It is the collective skills, experience and dedication to customer service which our employees hold, bringing value to our rental customers.  Our sales professionals, parts counter personnel, and service technicians are all empowered to find creative solutions for complex projects.  This front-line team is supported by a highly motivated group of experienced staff personnel, also dedicated to providing the best in customer service.

Our ability to attract and retain high-quality people is the foundation upon which our customer relationships are built.  Our customer-focused approach has allowed us to build a dedicated group of professionals who truly understand the nature of our customers’ business needs.

In this highly competitive business environment where the “bottom-line” is always scrutinized, our customers are always looking for a differentiator, beyond price.  At the The Cat Rental Store, the differentiator is our people.  We are the difference!

If you are interested in a career at Ohio CAT and The Cat Rental Store, view our careers website and browse current openings.


Ohio CAT was named one of the 2015 Top Places to Work by The Cleveland Plain Dealer


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