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10 Ways Renting Makes Your Company More Profitable

It makes a lot of sense to purchase equipment. You aren’t paying monthly or weekly costs associated with renting, and you don’t have to worry as much about wear and tear damage. While owning your own fleet is profitable in the long term, renting equipment can help you increase your profit as well.

Here are some reasons renting can help you manage your fleet, your job, and your financial stability.

  • Supplements Your Core Fleet. Let us supply those machines that you don’t normally keep in your current fleet.  We’ve got just the machine that you need for your job application.
  • Frees Up Your Business Capital. Expense the rental without having to make a major capital investment in fleet.
  • Increases Jobsite Productivity. Let our rental specialists get you into the right machine and work tool attachment for your job application.
  • Eliminates Equipment Obsolescence. Renting from the Cat® Rental Store provides you with the newest and youngest fleet available to rent in Ohio.
  • Enables You To Try Before You Buy. Unsure of size or horsepower? Rent for a job and to test the machine out.  We also offer rental purchase options should you decide to own later.
  • Eliminates Maintenance Expenses. Eliminate costly maintenance shops, service tooling, parts inventories and maintenance records. Ohio CAT takes care of the maintenance and upkeep.
  • Eliminates Storage Costs. We deliver and pick-up to your job.  Simply call the Cat Rental Store when you are ready to have your machine picked up off of rental.
  • Minimize Costly Breakdowns. Keep your job productivity on track.  Minimize machine downtime with reliable, newer equipment that is maintained by Cat expert service technicians.
  • Increases Your Borrowing Power. Renting equipment does not appear as a liability on your balance sheet.
  • Enables You to Complete Jobs More Efficiently. Harness today’s technology to help you do your work faster and more efficiently.  We rent Cat equipment that is loaded with cutting edge technology to help you get your work done faster and within budget.
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